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Week 8 Matchups

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Outwork the competition and earn YOUR spot at the top of your sport. Up your game and get fit like your favorite player! Vote below for the workouts you want to see.

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All-Star Speed!

932 Votes
Michael Floyd WR Agility Boost! Watch Video

NFL tested tips on improving your lateral and transitional movement on the field.

1.23K Votes
Antoine Cason CB Quick Cover! Watch Video

Don't forget the hips! Get faster and stronger with these drills.

Power Push!

365 Votes
Chris Baker NT Tackle Machine! Watch Video

Speed UP! and increase your strength with these workouts.

602 Votes
Ryan Clady OT Strong Force! Watch Video

Get NFL power with these hand speed and strength exercises.

Week 7 Results

Rapid Power!

695 Votes

Joe Fauria TE Quick, Fast Feet!

695 Votes

Tips for building breakaway speed.

Shutdown Central!

506 Votes

Orlando Scandrick CB Quick Power!

506 Votes

Build up your speed and explosiveness to challenge any play.