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Antonio Cromartie Defensive Explosion!

Get quick on your feet with these defensive back drills.

Antonio Cromartie Defensive Explosion!

Workout 1: Jump Ball

Antonio Cromartie's Workout 1: Jump Ball
  • Workout 1: Jump Ball
  • Workout 2: Five-Cone Reaction Jump Drill
  • Workout 3: Tire Pull
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Defensive backs need to react quickly to the snap. Jump ball drills help players boost reaction time, teaching players to use their feet more.


1. Player 1: Move side to side with a medicine ball keeping your partner on their feet. Try to juke your opponent, then throw the medicine ball in the air.
2. Player 2: Jump up and get the ball.
3. Player 2: Slam the ball down, immediately drop your hips and be ready for the next rep.
4. Switch sides and repeat

Reps Three to five sets per player
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