Antonio Cromartie Defensive Explosion!

Get quick on your feet with these defensive back drills.

Antonio Cromartie Defensive Explosion!

Workout 1: Jump Ball

Antonio Cromartie's Workout 1: Jump Ball
  • Workout 1: Jump Ball
  • Workout 2: Five-Cone Reaction Jump Drill
  • Workout 3: Tire Pull
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Defensive backs need to react quickly to the snap. Jump ball drills help players boost reaction time, teaching players to use their feet more.


1. With a partner, move laterally down a line while holding a medicine ball, changing direction frequently. Try to juke your partner, then toss the medicine ball in the air.
2. Partner will jump up and grab the ball.
3. Partner will then slam the ball into the ground, bouncing it back to you.
4. Catch ball off bounce and repeat steps. Switch roles after a few reps.

Reps: Three to five sets
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